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Music Audio Stories at the Baby & Children's Market UK.

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On Sunday 12th November I took part in the Baby & Children's Market UK at Salusbury Primary School. Although I have taken part in this event in the past, this time, I was invited to provide the children's entertainment on the day as well as running my stall! I decided to do part of my Storytime with the children at the event and chose my audiobook Billy Joins The Circus.

These markets are where parents buy, sell and save a fortune on baby and children's items and where new businesses can introduce their products to the community. There is also a lovely Farmers' Market which runs on the same day in the school's playground. I think this really adds to the event.

I arrived at 9:00am to set up my table and doors opened to the public at 10:30am. The first hour of the market is slow but once it hits 11:30am, families begin to pour into the hall and it can be quite a challenging time trying to chat with everyone and introduce them to our audiobooks! I had special offers and new CDs available of Billy Joins The Circus.

Anna-Christina entertaining the children with part of her Story Time at the Baby & Children's Market UK
Anna-Christina entertaining the children at the Baby & Children's Market UK
Anna-Christina singing and dancing with the children at the Baby & Children's Market UK

Anna-Christina entertaining, singing and dancing with the children at the Baby & Children's Market UK.

Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories at the Baby and Children's Market UK

Here I am selling our products. Sometimes I can't believe I do things like this! As an entrepreneur, you must adopt a certain mindset, the "can do" mindset. You must learn to run a business and be business-minded and I can tell you, most creative people find this hard. It takes brain training 😆 you must learn how to do the hard sell!

Both parents and children loved my audiobooks and Music Audio Stories made a profit! Even though I am normally master of multi-tasking, I have to admit, I did find it quite difficult to be entertaining the children one minute, then trying to sell the next! Even though I had wonderful help on the day, people still like to talk to the author and I love chatting about my stories and how I use them to teach the children in schools and nurseries. But when I do Storytime, my focus is on the children 100% and that's why I think I found it hard on the day to try to do both of these things at once! However, I do feel I did very well.

I surprise and impress myself all the time! This helps me to keep going... Keep going on days when I don't have a boss to tell me what move to make next or what to do now. I feel so grateful to be on this wonderfully unpredictable, magical journey!

💚 Anna-Christina


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