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Christmas Magic

An amalgamation of my first five stories. Join Sid the ant as he helps Santa to deliver Christmas presents!

Music Audio Stories - Christmas Magic cover image

I began this audiobook by drawing a map to see how I could link all of my characters together. I decided to begin with my first character Sid the ant. The idea was that he would travel through some of the locations from the other stories and end up on Jimi's farm (from the story Jimi & his friend Joe).

Adie and I linked together not only the stories and characters but also the compositions, which was a major task! 😭 We also managed to bring back all of the cast members who featured in the previous stories.

I particularly love the Christmas song in this audiobook because many of the cast members are singers and it was a lot of fun listening to them singing in their character's voices and not their own! Book Details

Character voices:

  • Adie Hardy - Sid the ant/The Head of The Ants/'Yes' the squirrel/Tyler the dog/Twee the pirate crow
  • Anna-Christina - Frenchy the ant/Winniepeg the chicken
  • Belle Star - ‘No’ the squirrel
  • David Ryder Prangley - Johnny the hamster
  • Geffin Katz Kaye - Robin
  • Paul Kaye - Captain Russell the pirate crow
  • Kiria Ceinwen - Butterfly the fairy
  • Rob Stitch - Jimi the cat
  • Tom Meadows - Piggy the Pig
Adie Hardy recording Rob Stitch as Jimi the cat in audiobook Christmas Magic by Music Audio Stories
The Christmas Magic script on the mixing desk image
A view of the studio with the microphone, mixing desk and monitors image

Adie recording Rob as Jimi the cat in the studio.

Christmas School Performances

Christmas Magic props - little colourful Christmas presents, stickers and flyers for the children image

I was invited to take part in Treetops Nursery Christmas Performance and Christmas Magic was the perfect story. The teachers took copies of the song lyrics so they could teach the children how to sing it. I brought little prop presents. The children marched (like the ants) through the various scenes in the story to deliver the presents for the animals on the farm.

It was absolutely brilliant and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Some of the children even got their siblings involved. It was lucky I brought lots of extra presents!

This audiobook cannot be done in Storytime at any other time of the year. December is a busy time for me! I try to visit as many nurseries and schools as I can with Christmas Magic. It's an excellent story for school Christmas performances.

Behind The Scenes

Listen to our song Christmas Magic, featuring the whole cast of Music Audio Stories below!


I was very happy when Shelf Full of Books awarded this audio story with a 5 Star Rating and claimed I had created another winner in this audiobook for children. Dawn Heslin from Bound4Escape also recommends this story.

You definitely need a little Christmas Magic at Christmas!

💚 Anna-Christina

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