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My Weird Storytime

My last three Storytimes in October were back at North London Libraries!

I decided to do my Halloween inspired Storytime with my audiobook Weird & Wonderful and I was hoping to see some witches, wizards and other bugs at the library!

I began the week at Camden Town Library. Now to be honest... I didn't realise the children in that borough had already gone back to school and so when I turned up at the library, it was a bit quiet! I was relieved when I saw a few families arriving and in the end, I had a lovely little group who enjoyed listening to the story and creating drawings of the things they heard. Clearly, next year I'm going to have to make sure I look at the half-term holiday timetable, for all the boroughs, to make sure I don't make that mistake again lol!

Kentish Town Library was next. Again, there was a lovely group and this time there were some older children. My last visit was on Halloween day at Swiss Cottage Library and I decided, since it was Halloween, I would dress up a little! 😊 I brought a black and yellow striped jumper and some antennas and looked a bit like a Bumblebee!

The children absolutely LOVED this! In past Storytimes, I have used props such as a fairy wand, but this was the first time I dressed up and it worked very well indeed. In fact, I've been thinking I may do this again at another session where appropriate!

Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories doing Storytime with Anna-Christina on Halloween at Swiss Cottage Library

Although not strictly a Halloween story, Weird & Wonderful works well at this time of year. It teaches children about spiders and the less popular insects such as slugs and centipedes and the importance of not stepping on them. Children love drawing spiders and webs and learning about the characteristics of these insects. For this particular Story Time, I use visual aids.

I like to use this story to teach children things such as how many legs spiders have and what the other bugs look like. Showing cards help children to learn more easily.

Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories teaching about bugs on Halloween at Swiss Cottage Library image
Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories teaching drawing on Halloween at Swiss Cottage Library image
Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories teaching children on Halloween at Swiss Cottage Library image

Teaching children about weird bugs on Halloween at Swiss Cottage Library

Visit the Kids Corner to see all of the spiders and webs I collected!

What an AMAZING few weeks of Storytimes I've had! I'm so proud I managed to do 8 successful Storytimes, pretty much back to back! It was such a pleasure to visit so many new libraries and meet all of the wonderful families and children I have met! Huge thank you to everyone at the libraries! I also want to thank all of the families who attended. It was truly a magical few weeks for me! 😊

Catch me buzzing about a library near you again next year and don't forget to join me at my last Storytime for this year here: Polka Theatre Presents: Storytime Christmas Magic.

💚 Anna-Christina


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