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Introducing our new
Interactive Questions and Colouring In
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We are so excited to introduce you to our new children's Fun Pages!

As part of our Story Time, we decided to do something a little different! Children from the age of three upwards are learning at a rapid rate and most of them are beginning to colour in their drawings. We thought it would be a nice idea if we could offer them one of our characters to colour in. Since butterflies are extremely popular, we chose Chris from our audio book Chris the Caterpillar!

We also decided to create a question tree. Children learn best when they are having fun. What better way to teach them about caterpillars, butterflies and flowers than with a captivating audio book! Children are out in the garden and in nature at this time of year and this Music Audio Story is a great summer time story.

How to use our Fun Pages!

1. Download our story Chris the Caterpillar and your free Fun Pages below.

2. Enjoy listening to the audio book together with your child and filling in the answers to the questions on the tree.

3. Encourage your child to colour in the picture template of Chris the caterpillar. You can also colour in the question tree too!

Submit Fun Pages to our Kids Corner

Make sure your child’s first name, age and the date is written on the front of the Fun Pages.

Submit them directly onto our Facebook page or Tweet us and we'll add your Fun Pages to our Kids Corner making them part of our creative world forever!

Have fun!

Chris the Caterpillar
Chris the Caterpillar Cover Image

Age: 2+

A magical story about flowers, a fairy and a Caterpillar.

Available to download
Interactive Questions Template
Chris the Caterpillar Interactive Questions Image

Age: 2+

Interactive Questions Fun Page download.

Free to download
Colouring In Template
Chris the Caterpillar Colouring In Image

Age: 2+

Colouring in Fun Page download.

Free to download

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