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Product Descriptions

Billy Joins The Circus
An uplifting story with the message that dreams can be achieved no matter what others may tell you. The story features a catchy song with dance moves.
Weird and Wonderful
This is a sweet tale about a centipede and his friends, a snail, a slug and a spider. The story features a sing-along song.
March of The Ants
Told in rhyme, the pace is quick as befitting a march. This audio book will draw children in with young Sid’s heroism.
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Chris the Caterpillar
A magical story about a garden, flowers, a fairy and a caterpillar who dreams of becoming a colourful butterfly.
Johnny No Cash
A lively adventure audio story following a hamster on a quest to visit his friend. The story features a sea shanty.
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Jimi & his friend Joe
This story teaches your children the importance of friendship, cooperation, tolerance and team effort with everyone.

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