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Creating Audiobooks

Our Journey

Music Audio Stories journey began when I decided to combine my musical talents and skills with fellow musician/producer Adie Hardy. Whilst working on my first story March of The Ants, we searched online for other audio stories similar, yet could find nobody combining original classical music with original children's stories and Sound Effects. I decided to invent my own genre and call my creations "Music Audio Stories".

I have a passion to entertain, teach and instil positive messages to children helping them to build confidence and fulfil their dreams. Each of my stories has its own benefits and is tailored towards certain topics.

During our years in the publishing field, we have worked with actors and musicians including the Olivier nominated actor Paul Kaye who has appeared in numerous TV and film roles and was the original Mr Wormwood in the award winning West End hit musical Matilda and Thomas Meadows who can be found touring the world drumming for some of today's biggest artists such as Kylie Minogue.

Adie and I both enjoy every aspect of the creative process and we can't wait to see where this journey takes us!

Anna-Christina and Adie Hardy working at the studio on Music Audio Stories image
Making Music

As I mentioned on the About Music Audio Stories page, one of the things that makes my audio stories special from others you may have heard, is the strong themed original classical music behind the narration. Unlike other audiobooks, the music continues throughout and is an essential part of the stories. If you listen carefully to my stories, you will notice that the music is phrased with the narration and character voices, making it almost seem like songwriting rather than your standard audiobook. Most of the scores are orchestral based but at times I include other instruments, such as guitars, banjo and drums. I also introduce a variety of music genres, styles and instruments to children.

Songs feature in most of my stories to aid with the lessons being taught. Songs in my stories have been described as “insanely contagious”.

Producing Sound Effects

Sound Effects really add to the atmosphere of each adventure and Adie and I strive to create movement as much as possible when we are producing stories. We include traditional Foley methods. Not everything you hear is prominent in the mix of our audiobooks, so there are a few more subtle Sound Effects in the background to listen out for.

I have stories that feature the sounds of New York City, villages, forests, farms, Space and even an Ice Hockey game! This aspect of the creation process is real fun and stretches me to use my imagination. Often Adie and I look around the studio for unusual objects to create sounds.

Writing Stories
Each story has an original theme. They are educational and instil positive messages. I have a number of stories tailored for different seasons throughout the year. The stories are ambitious, highly engaging and every scene is filled with wonderfully detailed observations. I write uplifting stories that inspire children to follow their dreams and never give up on the goals they want to achieve.
Inventing Characters
All of my characters are based on insects and animals and their adventures. The narration is voiced by me and is in perfect phrasing with the music.Most of the characters’ voices Adie and I do ourselves but we are fortunate enough to have special guests do voice-overs for us every now and then. They include talented actors from TV, film, theatre and musicians. Characters really come to life when the actors voice them.

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