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Johnny No Cash Audio Book

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Read more about this audio book, see behind the scenes video footage and more here: Johnny No Cash

How your child will benefit from this story

This audio book helps to develop imagination and teaches your child the importance of friendship and kindness. It will encourage your child to never give up the pursuit of their goals even when obstacles present themselves. This uplifting adventurous story will have your child singing joyfully along with the sea shanty the pirate crows sing as they float across the river. During the story your child will hear the sounds of two different kinds of villages, a river and a variety of animals.

Story Synopsis

Follow the adventure of Johnny the hamster as he stumbles over the countryside, crosses a river with pirate crows and enters The West. He encounters the villain Nancy the skunk, who tries to ruin his quest to cheer up his friend Cowboy Dan who has a cold. This story includes an original classical soundtrack and sea shanty. Accompanied by sound effects.

Story length: 7m12s | Age: 3+

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