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March of The Ants Audiobook

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Story Synopsis

Sid is the smallest of the ants, and no one notices him at all! One day he joins the other ants in a march and soon grows very tired. But when a storm suddenly soaks them with rain, it’s up to Sid to save the others from the rising waters. The pace is quick, as befitting a march, and will draw children in with young Sid’s heroism. This story is told in rhyme and includes a lively original classical soundtrack with nature sounds throughout the narrative.

Story length: 3m58s | Age: 2+

How your child will benefit from this story

March of The Ants is exciting and will keep your child engaged throughout. It's simple yet effective. The upbeat music in this story will have your child naturally wanting to move and march to the beat of the music. During the audiobook, they will hear sounds of a forest, rain and a thunderstorm. The story is a confidence booster as children learn through Sid, that even the smallest person is important and can save the day!

Character Voices:

Adie Hardy - Sid the ant/The Head of The Ants

Anna-Christina - Frenchy the ant

Behind the scenes and Storytime

Find out how I created my first children's audiobook, see behind the scenes photos and
read about children's reactions to the story here: March of The Ants.

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