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Robert and Johnson's Space Adventure Audiobook

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Story Synopsis

There is a forest called Forest Friendly where all of the animals are very good friends but the two best of friends are Robert the brown bear and Johnson the badger. They love to play guitar and banjo and sing cheerful songs. One day, when they are out in the forest playing guitar and banjo, they find a strange round metal object. They climb inside. They don’t know that this is a Spaceship! This story includes an original classical soundtrack with a psychedelic space theme and a cheerful song written by the two lead actors.

Story length: 10m44s | Age: 4+

How your child will benefit from this story

This story is an entertaining way for children to learn about our Solar System. Your child will not only learn the names of the planets and their order but also their textures and atmospheres, all presented with an animated narrative. This audiobook stimulates imagination, creativity and concentration.

Character Voices:

Aris Tsigaras - Robert the bear

Aaron John - Johnson the badger

Cormac McCoy - Bowda the alien

Behind the scenes and Story Time

Read about all of the fun we had creating this story, see videos, lots of photos plus
read about how I use this story in Story Time here: Robert and Johnson's Space Adventure.

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