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The Big Apple Audio Book

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Read more about this audio book and how it was made in Anna-Christina's Blog here: The Big Apple

How your child will benefit from this story

This story will help your child to expand their horizons by introducing them to the sounds and wonderment of New York City. Your child will be carried away with Ronnie as she experiences a truck drive, the city, all the sounds of an exciting Ice Hockey Game and the disco at the end that will have your child wanting to move and dance. This audio book will improve their visualization skills and stimulate their imagination. It will instil a positive message that dreams really do come true.

Story Synopsis

This story follows the unlikely adventure of a tiny little worm called Ronnie, who manages to worm her way from her woodland home to New York City, The Big Apple. Her story begins when she encounters two mischievous squirrels called 'Yes' and 'No' who try to confuse her and send her to the wrong place. But somehow she makes her own way there and has a wonderful adventure. The story also features a lively Ice Hockey game, an original classical soundtrack with an unexpected twist and unique sound effects throughout.

Story length: 10m58s | Age: 4+

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