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Audiobooks for Early Learning with a difference.

'Music Audio Stories' is an original audiobook company specialising in fun, educational musical audio stories for Early Learning, preschool, and children aged 2+. The interactive audiobooks not only encourage children to take part in the story through drawing, song, and dance, they also inspire them to act out the scenes and be part of the magical journey.

These unique stories, written by author/composer Anna Christina, are tried and tested and have been created to entertain, teach, and instil positive messages in children, helping them to build confidence to fulfil their dreams. A passion for preserving the environment and kindness towards animals as well as each other is at the heart of Music Audio Stories.


Exciting News!
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Music Audio Stories - New Website, New Audiobooks, New Look
I'm super excited to announce that next month, Music Audio Stories will be launching our brand new website! And as if that wasn't exciting enough, I will also be launching a set of audiobooks to go with our vibrant, fun new look!
The Benefits of Audiobooks
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Have you tried replacing screen time with audiobooks in your household? There are so many benefits of listening to our music audiobooks! Find out below...
Transformational Times
Blog Post
Music Audio Stories Studios, recording guitars
Read our blog post on how we are creating new and innovative ways to stay connected with our friends and followers!

About the Author

Meet the author, narrator, and creator of Music Audio Stories and find out why her audiobooks are special from others you may have heard here About

Listening to audiobooks is an enjoyable and accessible non-screen-time entertainment tool you can use as a healthy activity for your children and your entire family to enjoy together.

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Equally, you can download my magical music audiobooks and Fun Pages and let your kids enjoy the activities, while you go and have a cup of tea!

I have tried and tested these stories in my Storytime workshops and I know your children will love them as much as I love to create them. Enjoy my unique musical Storytelling world!

Love Anna Christina x

"Not quite like any other audiobook publisher I’ve encountered! Several publishers enhance their audiobooks with music and sound effects, but these stories are narrated in a sort of rhythmic cadence that integrates it with the music and sound in a special kind of way. It’s hard to describe but if you listen to one of their productions you’ll see what I mean. Stories for children and they’re really pretty cool."

Steven Brandt - Audiobook-Heaven

"These audio books are greatly original and very professionally produced. They are not just empty children’s stories. Besides being funny and well written they have a message in the story. I don’t know how much more I can recommend these stories."

Dick Leonardo - Bookroom Reviews

"Music Audio Stories are exactly what they sound like: stories set to music and read by wonderfully talented actors! I can’t stop listening to these stories; the actors’ voices carry the story forward along with the engaging music; I LOVE them! These are stories that you can download on your device and your kids can listen to them again and again and again."

Pam Margolis - An Unconventional Librarian

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