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Baby & Children´s Market London Event

These markets are where smart parents buy, sell and save a fortune on baby and children's items and introduce new businesses and their products to the community.

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I am so excited to have taken part in the Baby & Children's Market UK last year on Sunday 22nd March 2015. My first ever Market! It was a great place to get Music Audio Stories products and merchandise out to a targeted market.

There were 30 stallholders selling excellent quality nearly new baby and children's items, plus a small selection of unique businesses showcasing and selling their products and services. The entertainment included face painting by Milly Madness Entertainment, The Giggle Company, arts and crafts and music activity sessions for the little ones. There was also a super Farmers' Market providing delicious food and refreshments.

There's quite a funny story behind this event! At first, obviously Adie and I were supposed to do this together but a last-minute studio session came up so he wasn't able to attend. So my friend kindly signed up to help me on the day. However, that morning she fell ill and couldn't come! I really panicked. At such short notice, it was impossible to call on another friend to come and help so I called upon my mother!

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We turned up, set up our table and waited for the organizer to open the doors to the public. The doors opened at around 10.30am and people streamed in.

At first, not so many people came in but by 11am, more and more parents and children arrived until it was crowded and buzzing. The organizer told me to stand in front our table and sell.

Now, this may sound like an easy task but I have to tell you, selling a product face to face is most definitely not easy! In fact, I was terrible at it ? So bad, that after half an hour of nothing, my mum said: "let's swap places, you sit behind the table and I'll stand in front". And so we swapped places.

Turns out my mother is an amazing salesperson ? ? within minutes, she had a group of mums around our table chatting and listening to samples of my audiobooks and buying CDs. I couldn't believe it! You think you know your mum and then you learn something about them that you never knew all your life. She can sell, sell, sell...

I tried to watch her to see what she was doing that I wasn't and I quickly realised she was just easy going and enjoying herself. I adopted this relaxed method and sure enough, it worked! Together (although I have to admit, she was still selling more CDs than me) we sold so many CDs that we actually ran out of several copies of audiobooks! It was fantastic.

It was also a surprise to me when a few of the parents knew who I was! They informed me that I did Story Time at their child's nursery and they knew all about Music Audio Stories! It was wonderful.

I can't wait to take part in this event again later this year!

? Anna-Christina


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