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Friends of Brompton

Brompton Annual Open Day Event Roundup

Music Audio Stories - Brompton Annual Open Day 2019 Flyer

I was thrilled to be invited to take part in the Brompton Annual Open Day 2019! Music Audio Stories had a stall and I hosted my Storytime in the beautiful newly refurbished chapel! ?

I love community events like these! Not only are they a great opportunity to introduce people to our unique brand of music audiobooks, but they are also super fun to take part in!

There were guided tours of the catacombs, exhibitions, stalls, family fun, music and something for everyone to enjoy! It was a lovely sunny day which made the location look even more stunning!

However, we were grateful that our stall had a huge gazebo as the temperature grew pretty hot throughout the day. It was nice that we were sitting in the shade instead of melting in the sun! ?

I arrived at Brompton Cemetery at 9 am, picked our table and began to set up! There was a breeze blowing which I thought was nice!

Brompton Cemetery image

Brompton Cemetery is a stunning Victorian burial ground and a Royal Park. It is one of Britain’s oldest and most distinguished garden cemeteries.

The cemetery is Grade I Listed on the Historic England Register of Historic Parks and Gardens, and all of the cemetery buildings are Grade II Listed.

The Friends of Brompton Cemetery work to preserve this remarkable site and help to restore and maintain the cemetery’s buildings, monuments and landscape.

They offer visitors Sunday afternoon guided tours, group tours at any convenient time in the week, and a varied programme of events and activities throughout the year including the Brompton Annual Open Day!

This was the first outdoor event Music Audio Stories has taken part in! I quickly realised our stall set-up was not prepared for any type of breeze! Our baby blue table cloth kept flying up all over the place! I had to find inventive ways to tie it to the table legs and tuck it underneath around the edges! My price tags, poster and demo Storytime Package kept blowing away and Adie spent most of his time on breeze patrol keeping our table in order! 😆

Music Audio Stories stall at Brompton Annual Open Day 2019 image
Brompton Annual Open Day 2019 image
Adie Hardy at the Music Audio Stories stall at Brompton Annual Open Day 2019 image

I don't think anyone noticed our little dilemma! People began to stroll through Brompton Cemetery at around 11 am and it seemed to get busy quite quickly! I didn't have too much time to spend chatting with people as I had to leave our stall to prepare for my Storytime!

My Storytime began at 12 noon. I felt so excited! I never imagined that I would ever do Storytime in a chapel! ✨ The ceiling inside the chapel is high, creating wonderful acoustics, and I couldn't wait to hear how 'Billy Joins the Circus' sounded! I was a little concerned about the children drawing on the beautiful stone ground! So I brought a large piece of blue tarpaulin to cover the floor when we made our drawings of the story. This worked a treat!

Inside of Brompton Chapel image
Brompton Chapel floor image
Blue Tarpauling image

I have to say, this is one Storytime I will never forget! It was truly magical! I had a large group of children who greatly enjoyed listening and learning all about my audiobook 'Billy Joins the Circus'! We had so much fun singing and dancing along to the story and everyone joined in! The children took their drawings home with them and I am happy to report I left the chapel floor in tip-top condition thanks to the tarpauling! Some of the families had been to my Storytime at Brompton Library which was nice!

Brompton Cemetery image

The atmosphere at Brompton Annual Open Day was relaxed and fun and everyone had a great day out!

I would definitely recommend attending this event next year if you missed it this year! There's something for everyone in a stunning location full of history. BIG thank you to Elise and Mary and well done to Friends of Brompton Cemetery for hosting such a lovely event!

Keep an eye on our social media pages for more photos!

Right, I'm off to buy a heavy weighted table cloth! ?

? Anna-Christina


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