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Funday in Brompton

Wonderful time at Brompton Annual Open Day! I have much to report...

Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories at Brompton Annual Open Day image

It's been two years since the last Brompton Annual Open Day and it was absolutely wonderful to be back there again on Sunday.

It was a hot day. Very, very hot, but there are lots of lovely trees in Brompton cemetery providing shade and everyone was grateful for this. Still, I was rather happy when I was told I could stay inside the cool chapel with my stall after my Storytime.

I was joined by Jenika, my illustrator, and she helped me set up the stall. It was the first time setting up the Music Audio Stories stall with picture books, my Storytime supplies and our new interactive space for children to listen to our music audiobook, Billy Joins the Circus.

It was so much fun figuring out where to place everything and I was thrilled when I was allowed to put my roller banner outside of the chapel! ????

After a quick soundcheck, to make sure the audio story wasn't going to play too loud in such a reverberating space, the doors opened and the event began.

A child listening to Billy Joins the Circus at Brompton Annual Open Day image
Author, Anna Christina with her picture book, Billy Joins the Circus at the Music Audio Stories stall at Brompton Annual Open Day image
The Music Audio Stories stall at Brompton Annual Open Day image

Storytime with Anna Christina

Storytime in the beautiful chapel was once again, magical! I had a lovely group of children who greatly enjoyed my picture book reading of Billy Joins the Circus. They loved creating their own drawings of the story and characters and it was so much fun singing and dancing to the music audiobook together at the end. The audio recording really did sound amazing swirling around the chapel, with its fantastic natural reverb!

Storytimewith Anna Christina inside Brompton Chapel image
A child reading the Billy Joins the Circus picture book at Brompton Annual Open Day image

I must report, that my picture book, Billy Joins the Circus, was extremely well received. Both the parents and children loved the concept of the book with the audio and activities inside. We had many wonderful comments on the story, the colourful vibrant illustrations and the high-end quality of the book. They were impressed!

A day before the event, I had an idea to gift-wrap some of the books as I thought this would be a lovely present offering and sure enough, I sold out of these books by lunchtime. I will do this for all future events from now on.

And finally, I have to say, seeing children reading and enjoying Billy Joins the Circus is both thrilling and heartwarming. All the years of hard work that have led me to this moment were completely worth it and I feel overjoyed that the picture book is as popular as the Music Audio Story.

Brompton Annual Open Day was so much fun and everyone had a great day out. I would definitely recommend attending this event next year if you missed it. There's something for everyone in a stunning location full of history. BIG thank you to Elise, Mary and Sarah and well done to The Friends of Brompton Cemetery for hosting such a lovely event.

I hope to see you all again next year with my second picture book!

???? Anna Christina


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