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Interviews with Anna-Christina

Find out more about how Music Audio Stories are created from interviews with the author.

A Blue Million Books

This interview includes how Music Audio Stories are made and how actors are selected for their roles.

Anna-Christina, where do you get your ideas for stories?

"I’ve always had a very creative mind and the stories and music just seem to flow out of me very naturally. I like the idea of unlikely heroes and characters overcoming obstacles. I also like to instill positive messages in each story and a few educational elements."

Can you tell us the process for creating a Music Audio Story?

"In the beginning, the music for the first two stories we made were already written and then made to fit around the story, but now I write the stories first and then write the music around the story which makes more sense. Adie has written music sections in the last two stories crossing music genres, which is fun. We record a scratch track and then do the narration, character’s voices, and sound effects. We then mix, which can take some time as there’s so much involved, and Adie masters the stories."

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Destiny's Book Dip Up

Anna-Christina talks about being an author and where she finds her inspiration for writing her stories.

Out of your own characters, do you have a favourite?

"Another hard question! Sid the ant from ‘March of The Ants’ is so cute but I also love Joe the dog in the story ‘Jimi & his friend Joe’ and Ronnie the worm in ‘The Big Apple’ is very sweet too."

Do you have any advice for other writers?

"Keep writing, stay creative and then be prepared to do a lot of work to get your stories out into the world but never give up! There’s always space for more stories."

What made you decide on creating Audiobook?

"After I finished college, I began working with producer/engineer Adie Hardy on another project and I asked him if he would help me produce a new version of ‘March of The Ants’. It was so good that we both decided to start creating more audiobooks together. We knew what we were doing was very unique and so we invented our own genre and decided to call our audiobooks “Music Audio Stories”. We set up Busy Bees Publishing and it all began from there. Over the last year or so, audiobooks have made a real comeback, so that’s great but nobody is creating stories like ours! We discovered that we’ve both got a hidden talent for doing funny cartoon-like character voices, especially Adie but we’ve also been very lucky to have had many very talented actors and musicians doing voice-overs for us. What we do involves many things and it’s a real challenge for us to make everything fit together and work. These stories take many, many hours of work to make but it’s all worth it in the end."

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