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Market Morning Buzz

Absolutely fantastic morning at the Baby and Children's Market UK!

Baby and Children's Market flyer image

Music Audio Stories were delighted to be back at the Baby & Children's Market last month, and what a morning we had! These markets take place all over the UK. This was our third time at this particular market held at Salusbury Primary School. Parents can buy, sell and save a fortune on baby and children's items. Plus new businesses can introduce their brand and products to the community. There is also a Farmers' Market which runs on the same day in the school's playground so it's a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

We were lucky with the weather! The day began very grey and it was raining up until around 9am! Thankfully it stopped when I left for the market which was a blessing as transporting merchandise in the rain is not fun at all!

The Music Audio Stories stall was appropriately placed next to the piano in the school hall, however, I didn't have a moment to spare to have a little play on it! As soon as the stall was set up, the doors opened at 10.30am and the public began to enter the hall! I had spent so long faffing about with my table layout, I didn't realise how quickly time had gone lol!

I am delighted to report my 'Storytime with Anna-Christina' package was a massive hit at the market! Every year, the Music Audio Stories stall is buzzing but this year we totally smashed it with the introduction of this package!

Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories doing Storytime with Anna-Christina on Halloween at Swiss Cottage Library

Selling at these markets is not for the fainthearted! You can't just sit comfortably on your chair and expect people to come over and buy your products! You've got to do the hard sell. Trust me, in the beginning, when I first did this market a few years ago, I was terrible at selling! 😆

In fact, I remember sitting comfortably on my chair behind the stall and nothing was happening! Then Ingrid, the organiser, came over to my stall and said "Anna-Christina, you need to get up, stand in front of your stall and sell!" I was like "Oh right, yes!" 😆 At first, I still couldn't sell and felt incredibly awkward but then slowly, I began to relax and by the end, I had been successful and enjoyed it! Since then, I have grown into quite a salesperson! I'm good at it and I enjoy it. That's the key to success in most things. Enjoy the process!

Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories at the Baby and Children's Market UK

What is so great about being an entrepreneur these days is the fact that there are so many resources to help you learn and grow as a person as well as a business owner. There are countless seminars, online training, YouTube videos and Podcasts to aid us on our journeys and teach us how to do the things we have not learned how to do. We are very lucky!

I love meeting families and telling them about my Story Times and why I created my Story Time package. The success I have had in the last few months has made all of the hard work so worth it.

Music Audio Stories is flying high right now and I'm loving every moment of this unpredictable journey. The feedback and response I have had has inspired me to think BIG! Watch this space...

I am over the moon! Thank you Ingrid for a wonderful morning at the market!

? Anna-Christina

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