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The Benefits of Audiobooks

Have you tried replacing screen time with audiobooks in your household?

Music Audio Stories - Audiobooks for children

Audiobooks have made a huge comeback! They are fun, easy to use, and a great way to entertain and teach children. According to the Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, recent estimates indicate that the UK children’s audiobook market stands at £45 million per annum, and it's not difficult to understand why!

Listening to audiobooks is an enjoyable and accessible non-screen-time entertainment tool that parents can use as a healthy activity for their children and their entire family to enjoy together.

They are useful for teaching and help with reading skills when you follow the words along in a book whilst listening to the audio. Doing this also enhances word-recognition. Listening without books can expand vocabulary as well as allowing your child to "read" more difficult books.

Here are some of the benefits of my music audiobooks:

Audiobooks on the go!

My audiobooks make travel easier! If listening to “Are we there yet?” over and over throughout the course of a road trip or handing your child a device where they will stare intensely at a screen for several hours doesn’t sound like your idea of an ideal travel experience, you should give my audiobooks a try! You can create a fun family experience by listening together via your car speakers or use headphones on an individual device. This is also a help for children who suffer from carsickness and need to avoid staring at a book or a screen. Either way, when you're on the go, there's no need to carry around heavy storybooks with you! Just pop one of my CDs on and your child will love the combination of music, stories, and songs!

Audiobooks make chores fun!

Speed up mundane chores and make them more enjoyable by listening to one of my exciting audiobooks! You may find that it’s easier to entice your children into doing their chores when you let them know that they can listen to my fun musical audiobooks!

Audiobooks at bedtime!

Children love magical bedtime stories! But what if you haven't finished your day's work, or need to put your feet up for a few quiet minutes and your little one simply won’t settle down! This is where my audiobooks are brilliant! You can avoid blue light being emitted from a screen or bright lights left on for reading, and instead, soothe your little one's imagination, promote relaxation, and send them off into a peaceful sleep.

Other benefits

There are so many benefits of listening to my audiobooks! Here is a shortlist:

  • My audiobooks develop listening skills and concentration.
  • Younger children can understand language above their reading age, and so my audiobooks can help them to learn new words.
  • My audiobooks can help children understand and appreciate unfamiliar accents and dialects.
  • They open up literary texts for the visually impaired children.
  • They are fantastic for dyslexic children.
  • Children with Attention Deficit Disorders may find that listening is more distraction-free than reading.
  • And then there's the music!

You can read more about how your child benefits from my stories on the About page.

Check out my Music Audio Stories here Shop and get started!

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