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Anna-Christina in the Press

I am thrilled to announce that I have been invited to be Co-Lead Speaker at the Women Economic Forum in 2017!

Anna-Christina - Speaker at the Women Economic Forum 2017 image

Women Economic Forum

I have been on stage in my life many times as a dancer and a musician. Next month I will be taking to the stage as a Speaker! It is my utmost pleasure to invite you to join me at the Women Economic Forum taking place in London at the Bhavan. The theme for WEF-UK 2017 is "Awakening the Power Within The Way Forward for UK".

About Women Economic Forum (WEF)

Women Economic Forum is part of the All Ladies League (ALL), the largest international network of women from across the world and the only global women’s chamber connecting women of inspiration from ALL countries and cultures. With 40,000 members in over 150 countries (and growing), ALL is like an “Internet of Women,” with a unique all-inclusive ethos of celebrating diversity.

They are a springboard to success for all women and help their businesses to grow beyond borders and boundaries. I will be speaking on Day 2, Wednesday 1st February at 3:15 pm on the topic: Rise of the feminine and the path of peace. I am so excited!

Here's my profile on their website Anna-Christina's Profile on WEF website.

Anna-Christina at Global Woman Magazine's Exclusive Networking Breakfast

Breakfast with a difference!

How did I suddenly end up being invited to speak at the Forum? Last year I attended the Global Woman Magazine's Exclusive Business Networking Breakfast. They are a chance for female entrepreneurs and business owners to network. In truth, they are so much more than this! This Networking Breakfast is a breakfast with a difference!

Each lady has the opportunity to speak, not just about business and ideas, but about who they are and how they began their journey towards their business. At times we laughed and found it amusing how we have experienced similar things. At times we became tearful listening to the hardships and obstacles people have had to overcome to get where they are today. On one of these mornings, I spoke about the power of feminine energy. It was fun! When I was invited to be a Speaker at the event next month, I said yes! 😊

Global Woman Magazine interview with Anna-Christina

About Global Woman Magazine

The magazine highlights successful, professional and entrepreneurial women of all cultures and origins, not only living in the UK - but all over the globe.

It shines a bright and positive light on their lives and business success and also shows how they have overcome adversity and challenges in their lives leading them to a brighter and happier life.

I have an interview in the magazine this month! 😉

Fab UK Magazine feature on Anna-Christina

Featured in Fab UK Fashion Magazine!

I was so very proud to be featured in Fab UK Magazine too!

This classy fashion magazine brings you current, up-to-date fashions, alongside throw-back influences with a modern-day twist. It shares inspirational insight into the amazing lives and journeys of artists, entrepreneurs, photographers, musicians, designers; what drives them, how they attained their goals.

I loved doing this interview. Get your copy of the magazine here: Fab UK Magazine issue 3 November 2016 and read my two-page feature interview.

It's all happening...

💚 Anna-Christina

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