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Storytime with Anna Christina Package

Announcing the launch of my new Storytime with Anna Christina Package!

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Are you looking for an activity that will encourage your child to listen, sing, dance, and draw?

This package is for you! 🎉

My Storytime has been a huge success at schools, nurseries, and libraries all over London! Parents at my workshops have been asking me if they could buy a package from me. You wanted it... you got it! My new Storytime Package comes with a CD of my popular audiobook 'Billy Joins the Circus' and a beautifully illustrated booklet!

What you will find in my new package:

  1. An introduction page
  2. The audiobook Billy Joins the Circus CD (4:46)
  3. A Question Tree sheet
  4. A coloring-in template

How to use my Storytime package:

  1. Enjoy listening to the audiobook together with your child.
  2. Encourage your child to answer the questions on the Question Tree sheet.
  3. Listen to the story again and see that all the questions are answered correctly.
  4. Relax while your little one has fun colouring in the template.
  5. Play the audiobook again, this time singing and dancing along with the story. Your child will love doing the moves in Billy's song!
  6. Finally, post the coloured template to one of my social media platforms making it part of the Music Audio Stories world!

How your child will benefit from this audiobook

Billy Joins the Circus is a wonderfully happy audiobook with a strong message that dreams can come true! The catchy song with instructions on movements, such as clapping your hands, touching your toes, spinning around, and jumping up and down is repeated three times enabling children to learn the song and the moves as they listen.

Why invest in this unique Storytime Package

This package will provide endless hours of fun and entertainment and is a great enjoyment for everyone! Use this package on rainy afternoons, during the holidays, or simply on the weekend when you want to encourage your child to be creative. My audiobooks compliment Key Stage 1 and areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage which makes them a brilliant tool for teachers and homeschoolers.

Made with love from me to you!

???? Anna Christina

Storytime Package available on Etsy


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