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Summer Bundle on Sale!

Summer Bundle - Chris the Caterpillar Digital Storytime Package - Sale now on!

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It is with great pleasure, that I bring you my new Chris the Caterpillar Digital Storytime Summer Bundle! Not only that but it's now on sale in my Etsy shop! ????

Encourage your child to listen, draw, write, and use their imagination with this unique Summer storytelling package! My package includes:

  • Chris the Caterpillar, the audiobook download (3:35)
  • An illustrated guide page helping you to create your own Storytime
  • A fun interactive Question Tree printable
  • A cute Chris printable
  • Plus 6 colouring-in printables of all the flowers in the story

Chris the Caterpillar is a magical Music Audio Story, about a caterpillar who wants to be a butterfly!

Chris the Caterpillar audiobook cover image

One day, a fairy called Butterfly, discovered a sad-looking caterpillar called Chris. Chris wanted to have colourful wings like the fairy and fly in the sunshine. The fairy explained that she could help and flew back into the garden to call on her friends. With her magic wand, the fairy took a tiny splash of all the colours of the flowers and her wand began to glow. But Chris does not believe in magic! Will he finally become what he has always dreamed of being, a colourful butterfly?

This story includes dynamic original classical music, accompanied by nature sounds and sound effects throughout the narrative.

This Summer Bundle goes along with my new Chris the Caterpillar Summer video series which I launched at the weekend when I released my new Storytime video! Children can use the printables from my Summer Bundle with the videos! If you missed the first video in the series, here it is...

Make sure you have subscribed to the Music Audio Stories YouTube Channel and hit the notification bell, so you don't miss my next video!

Enjoy my Summer Bundle!

???? Anna Christina


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