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The adventure continues!

YouTube Video Schedule!

Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories YouTube bloopers image

Last week, I celebrated the end of my first five-part YouTube video series! I still can't believe I am a YouTuber! After a bumpy start, I began to enjoy the process and although I have much to learn and improve upon, I'm excited to see where this adventure goes! I hope you have enjoyed my videos about Music Audio Stories!

I am now preparing for my next five-part video series all about my Storytime! I will continue to release a new video every Saturday on the Music Audio Stories YouTube Channel. I will be taking you through a short journey with my new videos about my Storytime.

After that, I will be releasing my first ever Storytime video! Sooooo exciting! In the meantime, here is my last video...

In this video, I tell you about the benefits of children listening to my music audiobooks, what children learn from my stories, and what my stories are about. Enjoy!

Thank you, everyone, for your support on my YouTube journey! This end is leading to a new beginning...

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