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Autumn Bundle On Sale Now!

Music audiobook with sweet sing-along song and cute interactive printables!

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It is with great pleasure, that I bring you my new Autumn Storytime Bundle! Not only that, but it's now on sale in my Etsy shop!

Encourage your child to listen, draw, write, and use their imagination with this unique storytelling bundle that includes:

  • Weird and Wonderful, the music audiobook download (3:48)
  • An illustrated guide page helping you create your own Storytime
  • A fun interactive Question Tree printable
  • A cute printable of the slug and the spider from the story
  • Plus 4 extra seasonal colouring-in printables

Now 30% off! 🎉

offer ends 31/10/21

A sweet tale, with a song and unusual instruments, about bugs and the importance of not stepping on them.

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Although not strictly a Halloween story, Weird and Wonderful fits the Halloween season perfectly. Inspired by a story my sister told me, I felt compelled to write an audiobook about bugs that are perhaps less popular than others, such as slugs!

Weird and Wonderful is a calm, sweet, soothing Music Audio Story about a centipede and his friends, a snail, a slug, and a spider. The centipede explains how we have to be careful not to step on any of the little bugs and he sings a cute song about this. The group of friends make their way through the trees and the grass. They crawl through a tunnel under the ground. They climb up a vine to the top of a hill and then they slide down the hill and head off to the centipede’s house for tea. Book Details

How your child will benefit from this story

A template card of bugs for our Storytime

In this music audiobook, your child will learn about the insects, how many legs they have and their textures. They will experience how these animals live from their perspective and the importance of us not stepping on them! They will discover the sounds of instruments they may never have heard before such as the African Kalimba, Tapped Wine Glass sounds, the Pan Mallet, and other Jamaican instruments. Your child will feel the calming, soothing effects of this soft and sweet-sounding audiobook.

Because it's Halloween, I have extended my Weird and Wonderful Digital Storytime Package to include 4 extra seasonal colouring-in printables! I absolutely LOVE these and I know your little ones will love colouring them in! Don't forget to post their artwork on social media using #MusicAudioStories so I can see their work of art!

Enjoy my new package and happy Halloween everyone!

???? Anna Christina


"I was quite enamored with this latest offering. The use of non-traditional instruments was an inspirational addition to this story. The bugs after all are not the common, ordinary ones everyone loves and sings about, so the use of uncommon, non-traditional orchestral instruments fit perfectly and made beautiful music." Kathryn Svendsen - Shelf Full of Books

"Expressive and entertaining. The music background is soothing and magical. The little song at the end will have your kids humming along while they're in the crib." Priscilla Tan - Priscilla and her Books

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