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The complete Storytime

Go grab your little one's colouring pencils and some paper, and sit them down comfortably for a Storytime with a difference!

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Super excited to bring you my second full-length Storytime video! Your little ones can enjoy one long video filled with storytelling, music, learning, fun facts, drawing, interactive activities, and lots of fun!

This exciting 26-minute video is made up of all the videos from my Chris the Caterpillar video series which includes:

  • Seeing and hearing my exciting music audiobook, 'Chris the Caterpillar'

With voice-overs, narration, sound effects, music, and cute illustrations.

  • A super listening and visual game

Children will listen to the sounds of instruments in the orchestra, taken from the Chris the Caterpillar soundtrack. They will learn about woodwind and reed instruments, the name of each instrument and enjoy hearing sound effects with visuals.

  • Learning fun facts about caterpillars

Your little ones will love this informative part of the video, with cute illustrations and sound effects.

  • Drawing with me

Children are inspired to create their own drawing or use my Chris printable, learn about colours in the process with my cute colour cards, and find out how to get involved in my creative world.

  • Meeting Chris and the other characters from the story

I introduce kids to Chris the caterpillar, the fairy, and the flowers!

  • Video conclusion

I concluded the video by recapping what children have learned during the video.

Download the Storytime Bundle to get the Chris the Caterpillar music audiobook and the interactive activities to go with the story and don't forget to post your little ones' drawing on social media using #MusicAudioStories so we can see their work of art!

Subscribe to the Music Audio Stories YouTube Channel and hit the notification bell to make sure you don't miss any of my new videos!

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Chris the Caterpillar video series playlist below.

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