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Making learning easy and fun

New ways to teach and entertain children!

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With the advanced growth in technology, it's important to keep your child's imagination active and to enhance their creative abilities with innovative new learning tools. Recent research into human development has proven that parents truly are their children's first teachers.

I have found a unique way to help you make learning easy and fun with your children! Each of my Music Audio Stories has excellent lessons that are taught in a fun and simple way.


When I began writing stories, my approach was to create them with an energy and enjoyment that would draw children into the story. I included learning elements and positive values naturally and this increased with the success of my Storytime.

All of my stories have different themes. Whilst listening to my music audiobooks children learn about animals and insects, colours, numbers, flowers, and magic! I have stories about the Solar System and not littering! My audiobooks also introduce a variety of music genres, styles, and instruments.

School Use and Homeschooling

My audiobooks are great for school use and homeschooling. Music Audio Stories provide an entertaining tool for parents to not only test their child's listening abilities but also stimulate their productive senses, imagination, and improve their visualization skills. My stories compliment Key Stage 1 and areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage too.

Get Involved

Over the years, I have developed lots of products to help you make learning easy and fun! Visit the Get Involved page to download my freebies and find out how you can create your own Storytime with your little ones at home.

Don't forget, you can submit coloured templates and drawings of my stories too! All you need to do is make sure your child's first name is written on the front of the drawing with their age and the date and then post them directly onto Facebook or Tweet it @musicaudiostory.

To see more drawings from nurseries, schools and community events visit the Facebook Gallery.

Instil positive messages to your children helping them to build confidence and fulfill their dreams with my Music Audio Stories! 😁

Happy Storytime!

???? Anna Christina

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