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Billy Joins the Circus: Storytime with Anna Christina Book 1 Kindle Edition!

Music Audio Stories - Billy Joins the Circus, Amazon Kindle ebook edition release image

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I'm delighted to announce the release of my first Amazon Kindle ebook! 🎉

Encourage your little ones to follow their dreams with this fun colourful ebook. Billy Joins the Circus is a wonderfully happy story with a strong message that dreams can come true. It was inspired by my Storytime with the children at nursery. The story is about a monkey, called Billy, who wants to join a circus and has to prove his talent before he is allowed to join. Find out more about the story here Book Details.

Get the most out of my ebook

Encourage your child to read, write, listen, sing and dance by combining this ebook with the music audiobook and interactive activity booklet that go with this picture book.

Billy Joins the Circus picture book, music audiobook and activity booklet image
Billy Joins the Circus picture book, music audiobook image
Billy Joins the Circus activity booklet image

Picture Book with CD, Download, Activity Booklet and Gift Card | Music Audiobook | Activity Booklet


  • The Picture Book - with the music audiobook CD, download, activity booklet, personalised laminated card and gift-wrapped
  • The Billy Joins the Circus Music Audiobook CD - 5:16 with original music, catchy sing-along song and sound effects throughout the narrative
  • The MP3 download - so you can play the story on any device
  • The Illustrated Activity Booklet - with an interactive question tree page, circus game and a fun colouring in picture to enjoy

Music Audio Stories - Billy Joins the Circus music audiobook cover image

Together, you and your child will love to:

  • Read and learn about Billy the monkey in the picture book
  • Write the answers on the interactive question tree page in the activity booklet
  • Colour in Billy‚Äôs picture and join our creative world (see how inside the activity booklet)
  • Listen to the music audiobook as you follow the words in the picture book
  • Sing and Dance along with Billy the monkey

Music audiobook length: 5:16 | Age: 2+

All items available on Etsy

Get the Picture Book

Don't forget you can get the music audiobook on Etsy as an MP3 download or in a Storytime Package, where you will also download fun interactive activities that go with the story. Here are some more shops where you can now get the music audiobook.

Apple | | Kobo, Walmart | NOOK Audiobooks | Scribd | Storytel

Billy Joins the Circus will also be available as a paperback and hardback picture book from Amazon. Watch this space!

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