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Wimbledon Library Storytime Special

My first-ever Storytime with my new picture book, Billy Joins the Circus!

Children's author, Anna Christina, from Music Audio Stories, at a Billy Joins the Circus Book Signing Storytime Special at Wimbledon Library image

After the excitement of my book signing at one of the largest events in London, MCM London Comic Con, I was amazed that I didn't wake up on Monday morning feeling exhausted from the very busy three days I had at ExCel London! Instead, I felt enthused with energy and excitement and couldn't wait for my Storytime Special and Book Signing at Wimbledon Library.

Book signing events are exciting on their own but to be able to combine them with my Storytime, is even more joyful. What's more, my Storytime at Wimbledon Library, on the last Monday in May, was the first time I used my new picture book during my workshop. It truly was a Storytime Special!

My workshop began with a reading of my picture book where the children could see what the characters in the story look like. They also heard me singing Billy's theme song because to me, it makes no sense reading a song! 😊 We then talked about what they had heard in the story and about the circus.

Music Audio Stories - Billy Joins the Circus Book Signing setup at Wimbledon Library image

Next, I encouraged the children to create their own drawings of the characters or a scene from the story. Children had drawn the characters as they had seen them in the book. I have not seen this before as normally, they don't have a reference as to what the characters look like. Amazing! ❤

After this, I played the music audiobook so children could hear the character's voices, billy's song and sing and dance along to the story. As always, I tried my best to get everyone, including the parents, involved. Following this, families had the opportunity to get special signed discounted copies of my picture book. It was so much fun!

Thank you to all the families who attended and to the brilliant staff at Wimbledon Library for hosting my event and taking lovely photos for me.

Music Audio Stories - Billy Joins the Circus Book Signing setup at Wimbledon Library image

Don't forget you can now follow me on Amazon and get the new Billy Joins the Circus Kindle ebook. Your little ones will love reading the uplifting and inspiring story and looking at the fun colourful illustrations.

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I have lots of fun events coming up so keep an eye on my events page.

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